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Introducing MSA-1E 2.0

MSA-1E Subaru BRAT RTR (Black)

Carisma and Carisma Scale Adventure are proud to announce the next evolution of the MSA-1E 1/24th Micro Scale platform. Our 2.0 Spec elevates the platform to new heights of Micro Scale Adventure.

2.0 Spec = More Torque

MSA-1E Subaru BRAT RTR (Black)

The MSA- 1E 2.0 brings to the table an upgraded Gearbox and specially developed larger MSA-1E Crawler Spec Brushed Motor. This offers an almost unstoppable 46% increase in Torque over industry standard 1/24th Brushed Motors (19.61 mN.m v 10.59 mN.m).

2.0 Spec = Better Drivability

MSA-1E Subaru BRAT RTR (Black)

The 2.0 Spec offers a new emphasis on Low RPM Drivability and Throttle Finesse. The 2.0 platform offers both Power and Control. These are two essential factors in elevating the end users experience of the rig, and ensuring it's success in this ever growing sector of the market.

2.0 Spec = More Versatile

MSA-1E Subaru BRAT RTR (Black)

When combined with our unique CTX 2000 Transmitters '1,2,3' throttle profile switch, drivers of all ages and abilities can now to push themselves (and the new MSA-1E platform) further than ever before.

2.0 Spec = Class Leading

MSA-1E Subaru BRAT RTR (Black)

It doesn't matter if you are Trail Running, Rock Crawling or simply Fun Bashing in the lounge or garden, anything's now possible with the new MSA-1E 2.0. We have just set a new benchmark in 1/24th Micro Scale Adventure products.

A Palm-Sized 80's Icon

Our latest MSA-1E release is true 80's icon. Working with Subaru directly we created the fully Licensed 80's BRAT body, including injection moulded details and our new ATSS Micro Tyres for the ultimate in scale looks and performance. With our unique '1,2,3' Throttle Profile Switch, any age or level of driving proficiency can take part in a fresh Scale Adventure. Included is a Safe 5v USB Charger and 130 mAh Micro 7.2v NiMH pack, the ESC is also 2S 7.4v LiPO Compatible and the included radio gear, True Hobby Grade 2.4GHz F.H.S.S, for glitch free operation.

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What's Included with a MSA-1E 2.0 Spec RTR?

The 2.0 Spec RTR sports Locked Axles, 2.4Ghz KD PROPO Radio. With Smart Throttle 1-2-3 (Beginner mode, Intermediate and Expert Throttle Profiles), KD PROPO RX/ESC with Smart Drag brake, 5V Port for FPV module and LED Port Ready, New 130 Can High Torque Motor (with Protection Circuit), 2.0 Spec Servo Saver, Hobby Grade High Torque Micro Servo, 5v USB Charger, 130MAH NiMH Battery, and AA Batteries for the Tx are also included!


Aluminium Oil Shock Set

Front and Rood LED Set

Suzuki Jimny JB74 Painted Body Set

Suzuki Jimny JB74 Clear Body Set

Ford F-150 Pre-painted Body

Ford F-150 Clear Body Set

Subaru BRAT Pre-painted Body With Roll Bar

Subaru BRAT Clear Body

Coyote Pup Pre-painted Body With Roll Bar

Coyote Pup Clear Body


  • Wheelbase: 125 mm
  • Length: 217 mm
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Skid Clearance: 25 mm


  • NEW Highly Detailed, Painted & Licensed Subaru BRAT Body
  • NEW Gearbox and Transmission & Gear Ratio of 1:81.25
  • NEW High Toque 130 Can Motor & Protection Circuit
  • High Torque True Hobby Grade Servo & Servo Saver
  • 1” Scale Wheels & NEW Soft ATSS Micro Scale Tyres
  • Ladder Chassis & Multi Position Shock Towers
  • 2.4GHz Tx with Smart Throttle '1-2-3' Feature
  • LiPo Ready ESC with Crawler Mode Active

In box

  • KD PROPO ARC-2000 Combo ESC/RX With FPV & LED Power Ports
  • NEW Shock Springs, for improved Chassis Tuning & Articulation
  • 7.2v NiMH Pack & Safe 5v USB Slow Charger
  • Body-Clip-less Velcro Body Mount System
  • Detailed Instruction Manual & Parts List
  • CTX 2000 2.4GHz F.H.S.S Transmitter
  • 4 AA Cells For Transmitter Included
  • Plastic Box Wrench Included

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