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Chassis Features
C-Section Rails Shock Towers 4-Link Suspension UJ Driveshafts
A solid backbone of all true 4x4 vehicles, the SCA-1E's steel c-section ladder chassis is available in three wheelbase variations (285mm, 313mm, 324mm). The 4-link geometry offers both stability and amazing axle articulation.
CMS Mount
The SCA-1E CMS mount offers a combined chassis mounted servo and forward weight bias battery mount. The CMS mount also keeps the steering servo up high above the front axle. and out of view, cleaning up the look of the front axle and offering better scale realism.
The drive train is built around a 3-gear, locked center gearbox. The stock 17t pinon and 83t spur gear offers a 15.1 drive ratio, and that can be geared up or down with ease.
3 Sizes
To accommodate our ever growing range of body types, three wheelbase variations are offered, 285mm, 313mm and 324mm.

285mm Chassis
313mm Chassis
324mm Chassis
Front Upper Links
Front Lower Links
Rear Upper Links
Rear Lower Links
Front Driveshaft
Part 15855 Long
Part 15855 Long
Part 15855 Long
Rear Driveshaft
Part 16009 Short
Part 15855 Long
Part 15855 Long
Ladder Chassis
Part 15827
Part 15995
Part 15995
Modular Axle
The SCA-1E axles are designed around a central 'locked diff'. they are modular, making them easy to maintain and repair.

Plastic RTR Shock

Alloy KIT Shock

Optional Pro Shock

All shocks are oil-filled, coil-over units with adjustable pre-load collars, volume compensating diaphragms and o-ring seals.
2.4GHz Radio 35T Motor 17T Motor High Torque Servo NiMh Battery
Included with all RTR vehicles is our 2-Channel, full sized CTX 8000 F.H.S.S 2.4GHz transmitter. With built in F.H.S.S technology as standard, offering interference and glitch free operation, channel trims, channel reversing and end point adjustment.
All RTR SCA-1E rigs are fitted with a brushed, high torque 35t motor. This offers the perfect balance between low RPM torque and higher RPM wheel speed.
2.1 Rigs are equipped with 5-Pole 17t Motor and lower gearing gives better low end Throttle Finesse, Maximum Torque, but still allows a little wheel speed when needed.
The standard steering servo fitted to all RTR rigs is a high torque, metal geared unit producing 9kg of torque. It ensures your rig is always under full control and headed where you want it to go.
Included with RTR SCA-1E rigs is a 7.2v, 6-Cell, 1400mAh NiMH battery and safe slow charger. It's the starting point of your scale adventure.
Carisma ARC-1 ESC Carisma ARC-2 ESC
Included in most of our RTR range, the ARC-1 brushed ESC boasts 4 programmable ESC modes (including crawler mode), is 2S LiPo compatible, it's waterproof and also offers built-in voltage and stall protection.
Co-developed by our team drivers, the ARC-2 brushed ESC has 24 programmable parameters (via the included MPG-1 program Box), is 2 and 3S LiPo compatible, It's waterproof, boasts a dedicated descent control feature and a compact form-factor.
Wheels & Tyre Compatibility
*(Sold as Combo)
Asymmetric RTR
Plastic Beadlock
Slotted Plastic Beadlock
1.9 Part 15985
CNC Alloy 3-Spoke
Beadlock 1.9 Part 16122
Alloy 6-Spoke
Beadlock 1.9 Part 16138
Toyota Tacoma TRD
Pro Beadlock Part 16397
Rock Ripper 100mm
*Part 15839
AT-AT 110mm
Part 15986
AT-SS 95mm
Part 16120
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