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Chassis Features
'Click-In' Battery Links & Shocks Body Mounts Motor Cooling
The composite ladder chassis offers a stable backbone to the MSA-1E's 4-Link suspension and shocks. With an on-axle steering servo at the front and secure battery compartment at the rear, the MSA-1E offers a perfect balance of scale looks and performance.
LED Lights
All MSA-1E rigs are 'LED Ready'. The front bumper has two spotlights, the roll cage four. Illuminate your way by adding the optional LED kit that plugs directly into the combined Rx/ESC units with a dedicated LED port.
The MSA-1E uses the same gearbox technology as its bigger siblings. With a ratio chosen specifically to offer enough wheel speed for trail running as well as rock crawling. For those wanting to experiment further, optional pinion gears are available to alter the ratio even further.
Body Types
The MSA-1E Range currently has three body types available. From our classic 'Coyote Pup' too the iconic 'Subaru BRAT' and legendary 'Ford F-150'.
Central Axle
The MSA-1E generates amazing grip levels by utilizing permanent 4WD and using locked axles. The center casing and locker are common to both front and rear, but the modular design allows front or rear modules to be attached, meaning they are easier to maintain and repair.

Standard Shock

Optional Alloy Shock

For simplicity, and to minimize maintenance, friction dampers are utilized. The compression and rebound of these shocks has been designed to perfectly match the weight of the MSA-1E Rigs, soaking up the bumps when trail running, and offering the perfect amount of articulation when rock crawling
2.4 Ghz Radio High Torque Motor High Torque Servo NiMH Battery
The MSA-1E platform uses our own CTX-2000 2.4G KD PROPO Radio. With built in F.H.S.S technology as standard, offering interference and glitch free operation, 'Smart Throttle 1-2-3' technology, channel trims, channel reversing and end point adjustment. It's the perfect size for any age and hand size to use, while still offering full sized performance and range.
The MSA-1E is supplied fitted with a super high torque micro motor, fitted with a stall and voltage protection circuit and passive cooling via a heat sink. It offers both low end throttle finesse and torque for crawling, or when required higher RPM and wheel speed.
All MSA-1E rigs are fitted with true 3-wire hobby grade high torque micro steering servo's. They offer precise steering control and enough power to keep the rig headed on your chosen line.
The included 130MAH NiMH battery can be safely charged via the included 5v USB slow charger. It offers weight over the axle and swapped out in seconds via the clip in battery holder on the chassis.
Combo ESC & Rx
The MSA-1E is controlled by our own KD PROPO ARC-2000 combined RX/ESC with smart drag brake functionality. The MSA-1E Platform is also ‘FPV & LED Ready’, with a dedicated power socket to power all-in-one FPV Cams and separate LED power port to power our add-on LED kit. It's form factor fits perfectly into the tiny MSA-1E chassis and its layout clear and concise to understand.
What's included
All our MSA-1E Rigs include 2.4Ghz KD PROPO Radio's with Smart Throttle 1-2-3 (Beginner mode, Intermediate and Expert Throttle Profiles), KD PROPO RX/ESC with Smart Drag brake, 5V Port for FPV module and LED Port Ready, High Torque Motor (with Protection Circuit), Hobby Grade High Torque Micro Servo, 5v USB Charger, 130MAH NiMH Battery, and AA Batteries for the Tx are also included!